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Excellent Service Delivery I Got From Country Wing Group
I am so delighted for having been well served at country Wing Martial Arts Schools. Excellent teachers and the gym. Keep it up.

Ronald K.
Am Grateful
The site provides us with all contact details for suppliers, and service providers. IT also connects us to customers
Bike parking beware
we went to shopping with the motor bike at around 9 pm. there was no guards inside and we parked in the basement. after shopping at mega super market we returned to see the bike was chained. went to security box and asked why it was chained. he claimed bikes not allowed inside and you have to pay 50000ugx and get receipt. but we refused and to give chit for holding the bike and will get through the court. then he talked all the nonsense and demanded money 25000. finally don't want drag the issue at so late night and paid 10000 and removed the lock.
so biker please beware of these robbers.
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